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Jersey City Residents


Love Summer in Jersey City, New Jersey

Summer in Jersey City can be hot. Although temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit are rare, humidity is the culprit. Even temperatures in the 70s and 80s can be unbearable at times. High humidity means sweat does not evaporate quickly to cool down our bodies. 


Often you are left feeling pretty miserable on a beautiful sunny day. At Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC, we have the solution. Say yes to a central AC installation this year! We know you will not regret it!


Jersey City residents beat the heat by staying inside. But staying cool and refreshed is the most ideal. Therefore, many homes have chosen central air conditioning. A choice that keeps the whole family happy.


Our team at Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC offers central air conditioning installations. But, we also provide a full range of central air conditioning services. They include central AC repair and maintenance.


The Best Air Conditioning Installations in Jersey City


At Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC, our HVAC technicians have a reputation for quality work. Combined with our customer service, we stand out among Jersey City HVAC companies. Our team cares about your cooling needs, and you will see the difference in all we do.


Our central AC service includes preventative maintenance. We keep your central air conditioner working at peak cooling performance. We never try to sell you an air conditioner when all you need is a new filter. Our team is customer-oriented first, not salespeople.


Furthermore, our services include a range of central AC repairs. We offer refrigerant refueling to AC replacements. No matter your AC needs, you can count on us to fix it or find the solution. Hence, we work hard so you can enjoy your summer days, even during a heatwave.


The Health Benefits of an Air Conditioner  

The main benefit of an air conditioner in Jersey City during the summer months is cold, dry temperatures. When it is hot and humid, nothing beats the cold air of an air conditioner. However, there are other benefits that you may not realize:


Air Conditioners Regulate Humidity Levels

Do you know what causes many summer illnesses? High humidity levels. Dampness is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Maintenance of your air conditioner can regulate indoor humidity.


However, low humidity can wreak havoc on your sinuses. Even your furniture can warp, swell, and dry out. Imagine how your skin must feel. Air conditioners do more than keep you cold, they fight humidity, too.  


Scheduling regular AC maintenance will regulate humidity levels. Thus, maximizing your comfort and wellness. An air conditioner maintenance will help with indoor humidity. Let Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC help you. We are eager to make your summer days more bearable.


How An AC Can Improve Air Quality

An air conditioner can improve many respiratory conditions. From pollen to dust, enclosed spaces have various types of particulates. They cause a range of breathing problems such as asthma and allergies. 


But how does it work? Hot air moves through the air conditioner removing unwanted particulates. The air then gets treated through the filter providing fresh cold air into your home. The air circulation keeps the pollutants out. To keep your AC working at peak performance, you need to schedule regular AC maintenance. Our team ensures your filters stay clean, and we replace them as needed.


If you notice your air conditioner is not blowing cold air like before, it is time for a checkup. Our licensed technicians will examine your air conditioner. We check all areas that are prone to requiring an AC repair. 


Our primary focus is on preventative maintenance. We prefer to stop small problems from becoming bigger ones, saving you money. Here at Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC, your comfort is essential. There is no better joy than to provide our community with cold relaxing air.


Remember, we have experts on call every day 24/7 for emergency services. Do not let the heat dominate another summer.


Moreover, we recommend a pre-summer checkup. We can give your air conditioner a tune-up to ensure cold days and better sleeps at night. After all, in the long run, it will save you money and keep you healthier.