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Rooftop Unit Service

Rooftop Unit HVAC in Clifton NJRooftop air systems are by far the most unique above all other systems. One of our favorite benefits of using a roof air system is that it is safe from accidental damage. Due to the fact that it is out of contact you cannot accidentally damage the unit. This is an extremely common mistake often committed while landscaping. Many units are very loud and can disrupt the peace and tranquility of your site. Even a neighbor’s air conditioning system can bring excess noise to you. Rooftop air systems are distanced away to the point that they can barely be heard outdoors and not at all indoors.

Another reason this system is enjoyed is because it does not take up space in your backyard or home. Instead it is found on the roof where it does not interfere with your space at all. Perhaps the absolute greatest aspect of these systems is their cleanliness. Rooftop units aren’t as close to the dirt, insects, pollen, or dust which so easily affects other units. These systems are not visible in most cases to the average home or business owner without going on to the roof. This makes it much simpler to forget maintenance, which is necessary for these systems. If you feel a rooftop system may be for your business call Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey today. When working with these systems you can count on us to help you develop a scheduled maintenance cycle that is convenient for your lifestyle.

Rooftop-Unit-HVACThese commercial air conditioning systems are common in hotels, hospitals, high-rises, and basically; most commercial properties. They are capable of cooling and heating which makes them a very desirable system year round. The Rooftop unit works by pushing refrigerant through the compressor to lower the temperature of the machines coils. This process brings heat, which is, then turned to exhaust pushed outside the other end. The cool air left after this process is forwarded into your home and remains one of the most responsive measures for keeping your home cool.

Everything that is needed to create and distribute cold air is contained in the rooftop unit, which is attached to the roof and then routed through the ducting. Rooftop units offer many benefits including:

  • Bypassing the furnace
  • Reduced work load on the unit
  • Lower operating costs
  • Takes advantage of the natural tendencies of air
  • All moving parts are kept together
  • Troubleshooting for breakdowns is less time consuming

RTUs are very popular with commercial space because they can cool large spaces effectively and efficiently with no need to modify existing HVAC work. Residential customers are now also looking to install RTUs; however, the weight of the unit must be considered along with how much weight your roof can support.

Expect to pay more for a Rooftop unit and the installation because these units need to be hauled up the exterior of the property and it requires several trained professionals to install the unit. For larger projects, we may need to bring in a crane to do all the heavy lifting. In addition, there are property and safety risks. While not the solution for all spaces, it is certainly worth looking at this option.

Unlike Split systems, roof mounted air conditioners have everything it needs to process in the unit itself. It is then attached to your roof and routed through ductwork. There are several advantages to mounted roof systems. One major advantage being that because cold air sinks, the air is naturally taken advantage of within gravity. It also keeps all moving parts together if something breaks down, a repair person does not have to go through your whole home, just to your roof.

An additional benefit, this system will keep the otherwise noisy process of handling air outside your home. Rooftop air conditioning systems are known to lower energy rates and cut down on repair times. Maintenance and repairs of this air conditioning system are very easy because the entire system is in one location. This will make the mechanic’s job much simpler therefore easing your own costs.

The success of these systems has only gone up with time and that is partially due to its strength in being able to regulate temperature in large areas quickly. Unlike other systems however, rooftop air conditioning systems may have more expensive installation and replacement costs. This is due to the labor associated with lifting the unit safely off the ground, onto the roof and successfully being attached without worry.

In conclusion, these systems are appreciated based on the idea that it’s all-inclusive. All of the important parts of the system are located in one area, which makes repairs, and maintenance a much easier task.

You can always count on us for reliable and affordable air conditioning services. Our team are fully licensed, insured, bonded and experienced. We specialize in AC repair, replacement and installations.

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