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Central Cooling Service

Central cooling systems are by far the most popularly used system in residential settings today. These systems are quiet and tend to be more efficient than others. This is because in many cases, the central air unit can be installed outside saving you valuable space and noise. Additionally, the air is dispersed through duct shafts through the walls which block out most of the sound. Another reason this system is so well received is that it can double as a forced-air system for heating purposes. Dual cooling during the warmer months and heat for the winter doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

Residential Central AC in Clifton NJIf maintained properly, central cooling systems can last a very long time. However, in the event they are beyond repair you are going to need a complete replacement of a brand new system. Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey has an overwhelming amount of experience with central air systems. Whether it’s fixing a leaking duct or a brand new system all together, you can rely on us to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Whether you’re having a problem where your central cooling won’t turn on during a heatwave or you need installation completed, Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey is at your service. We specialize in complete central cooling installations, repairs, and replacements for residential or commercial clients all throughout Northern New Jersey. There are a number of benefits to having central cooling installed, most revolve around energy efficiency, cost and the obvious comfort that goes along with it. Central cooling units are not just more energy efficient, they can also save you money on your power bill. So whether its service, repair or installation, we can promise you a fast response time.

Central Cooling is a heavy-duty solution to keep your home or business comfortable during the hot summer temperatures cooling down your space quickly. If you are thinking about the installation of a central air system, it is important to remember each installation is as complex as the environment it is being installed into. These jobs should not be undertaken by anyone who is not a trained professional. Our Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey mechanics can have your central cooling system installed and operating efficiently with the least amount of interruption to your daily activities.

Central Air Conditioning is one of the most reliable forms of cooling today. These systems are known for their strength, ease of access, and comfort for the whole home. When compared to just about any other form of cooling system central air is nearly silent and far more energy-efficient. A plus to using this system is its direct compatibility with forced-air heating systems. The reason they are compatible is due to the fact that they can use the same duct routes and no new production of vents are needed. In so many homes the air system takes up a huge portion of the basement, causing noise indoors, and rendering the basement less comfortable. The great thing about central air units is that they can operate outdoors at perfect productivity. Central air becomes a little more problematic on the topic of ducts. These units need to be repaired immediately if duct damage occurs.

A potential leak in a duct route can reduce the efficiency of the system up to 35%. This reduction in value will show up immediately on your energy bill and continue to get worse without repairs. It’s also worth understanding the value of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio’s or SEER’s. SEER is very similar to AFUE however it serves cooling purposes. According to the Department of Energy, every air conditioning system produced on or after January 26th, 2006 must retain a SEER value of at least 13. Previously the standard was set to a SEER level of 10. This means that all air conditioning systems produced after the said date are at least 33% more efficient than previously made systems. This means that after a replacement or installation job you would make a return on your central air investment within 3 years.

Central cooling systems work by creating a skeleton network of ducts throughout the establishment. Cool air is pushed through the ducts and transferred throughout the home from one master thermostat. Central cooling systems are relatively cheap to run and when maintained properly, operate at spectacular levels.
When Central Cooling systems experience a loss in air potential, it is normally for one reason. A duct or multiple ducts has been broken, cracked, or warped which has resulted in an air leak.

Central Cooling Repair in Clifton NJWhen you are experiencing this issue the first thing Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey will do is use video equipment to locate the leak. Depending on the size of the leak we will either replace the duct entirely or complete a simple repair job. When duct cracks are treated immediately the central air system can retain its high lifespan. However, in the event that a leak is not treated right away it can result in the eventual complete replacement of a duct system. This could be a costly endeavor if repairs aren’t made promptly.

Replacing a Central Cooling system is not a small task. Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey has a great amount of experience in this particular job but we always recommend preventive maintenance prior. Installing a Central Cooling system is a task that requires a great deal of cohesiveness and teamwork. This is why we always ask potential customers to perform research on which company you would like to carry out your installation in whichever county or township you reside in throughout Jersey.

You can always count on us for reliable and affordable air conditioning services. Our team are fully licensed, insured, bonded and experienced. We specialize in AC repair, replacement and installations.

Central Cooling Services in NJ

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