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Sewer & Water-Main Repair

Residential Sewer Repair in Clifton NJRepairing sewer lines in New Jersey demand the expertise, patience, and teamwork of a top of the line Plumbing service. That’s not all; these sometimes-massive jobs require premium equipment, products, and supplies. Sewer repair is a dirty and dangerous job that being said it’s important to only work with qualified plumbers such as our own.

When will I be aware that I require sewer repair?

The most telling clue, that you need repairs on your sewer in New Jersey is a large clog, or a sizable leak. The truth is these repairs are extremely uncomfortable for all involved. As opposed to other plumbing problems, sewer repair is a much more delicate beast. In many cases during a sewer repair situation you will find that entire sections of your sewer are in desperate need of replacement. This is why it’s important to work very closely with your plumbing service during a sewer repair job. You want to know the progress throughout the entire job, and to see firsthand the problems that plague your sewer.

At Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey, we promise our full undisclosed knowledge during your sewer repairs. We understand the extremity of the situation, and will work with you to find solutions that meet your needs and budget.

What’s the best way to troubleshoot a sewer?

Residential Sewer Repair in Clifton NJIn order to produce excellent results during a sewer repair job, you must use sewer video inspection equipment. This amazing equipment works by lowering a high quality camera attached to a long durable wire through the sewer. By using the sewer video inspection equipment we can find the backup, assess its severity, and apply the appropriate solutions.

Providing Maintenance for Sewer Lines

It’s worth understanding that sewer lines will always require necessary repair over the years. In New Jersey, sewer lines are generally corroded over time and require maintenance to keep them in reliable standing. In many cases tree roots can be a leading cause of damage. Tree roots can obstruct a single crack in your large sewer line. This makes for difficult repairs, and can cause massive damage to the sewer line over time. By performing routine cleaning in your sewer line you can keep a newer system in great shape. However, it’s important to know that older sewers that have not been cleaned in longer period run the risk of actually breaking during cleaning.

Yes you heard us right, if your sewer system is not properly cared for, it may corrode to the point of extreme weakness. This means regular cleanings may become too dangerous to perform.

What happens if my sewer can no longer be repaired??

In some cases it’s entirely possible that sewers cannot be repaired due to excessive corrosion. The next best step forward at this point is replacement of the old sewer line. At New Jersey Sewer and Drain Cleaning we offer our most competitive pricing in helping you to move forward. Our experts will discuss the various piping materials you can choose from, and help you find the one that suits your needs.

Sewer Installation In New Jersey

In New Jersey, the sewer line may be one of the most important things in your property. This is why proper maintenance is so incredibly important. Even small problems that go ignored, such as clogs, or leaks can eventually turn into much greater repairs down the road. If for whatever reason your sewer line is no longer salvageable, Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey is here to help you create your own solution.

It goes without saying that jobs as complex as sewer replacements, and sewer installations should only be handled by a plumbing service with all of the right experience. Some of the most common symptoms of a distraught sewer line are breaking pipes, leaking pipes, and root penetration.

Why should I install a new Sewer Line?

Sometimes, it’s more expensive to repair an old, decaying, broken down system than it is to replace it entirely with a state of the art one. When you replace your old sewer line with a new one, you immediately rid yourself of many prior issues. This means that will have successfully saved yourself from the many repairs you will have had to make in the future. As soon as you have a replacement pipe system you will see a huge change in the speed of your various drains. Your shower will no longer back up, your sinks will be free of clogs as well.

What is the cost of repairing a sewer line?

If your sewer line is corroded, or experiencing cracks it can represent huge problems for all of its various fixtures in your property. That’s why it’s best to replace the full system in New Jersey. To put it into a more relatable way, by replacing the whole sewer line, you can avoid problems with your shower, tub, sinks, and toilets.

In some cases damage to the sewer line can be fixed without a replacement. In these cases a fix should not be a problem whatsoever.

Is it true that sewer line installation takes a long time??

The fact is a sewer line installation is not an easy task. These installations are complicated, and require the expertise of a dedicated plumbing service. In most cases these installations will take 2-5 days depending on the size of the sewer line and other factors. It should be known though that replacing a system might take a different amount of time than a brand new install.

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