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Mini-Split System Services

Ductless Mini Split Unit HVAC Services in New Jersey

Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey are the Number 1 company to go to when you need service or repair for your ductless mini-split AC system in Northern New Jersey. These types of systems are very similar to central cooling without all of the ductwork. They’re also quite popular within residential and commercial settings. Some major benefits to having a ductless mini split AC system include:

  • Simple installation
  • Noise is kept down to a minimum because the condenser is located outside while the blower is indoors
  • Areas of your home can be cooled independently
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Lose much less cold air due to the lack of leaky ducts

If a duct-less air conditioning system is right for you, Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey is excited to assist you in installing it. Duct-less systems have long been considered the best systems for small spaces. They are known to offer excellent results in basements, attics, home offices and apartments. A Mini-Split system will run quietly and it can be mounted out of the way on the wall. It is also able to transfer heat. There are many benefits to this type of system. Talk to our professional staff at Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey about the installation, maintenance or repair of a Mini-Split AC system.

Ductless Mini-Split systems are comparable to central air systems in the sense that they both aim to release cool air to all sections of the house from one direct source. The main difference between the two is the fact that Duct-less Mini-Split systems don’t use ducts or duct routes. Duct-less systems work by regulating the temperature inside the house and on the exterior to regulate climate on the inside. In addition these systems are much smaller allowing you wider use of basement than other air systems.

These systems are extremely energy efficient. This is because the lack of ducts avoids the possibility of losing valuable air. The installation process for Mini-Split systems is regarded as one of the easiest amongst all air systems. Mini-Split systems work by adding air handlers as opposed to vents in each room of the house. These handlers are practical when attached to the ceiling, walls or even the floor. The handlers are quite small and don’t get much bigger than eight inches. For those who value aesthetic elements, they are typically attractive looking with state of the art designs.

That being said there are disadvantages to this system particularly in the cost. Mini-Splits are known to be more expensive than regular split systems and central air systems. Due to the high cost, most homeowners don’t purchase this high-end system. In the end what that amounts to, is that many HVAC specialists won’t have the experience or skill necessary to handle these systems properly. This can result in numerous errors in the installation leading to more maintenance costs down the line. The second side of this is the proportionately sized equipment. Basically what this means is most air handlers need to be custom sized depending on the size of the room it’s cooling.

Disproportioned models may short-cycle which is a perfectly good waste of energy increasing energy consumption rates and forging an uncomfortable environment. A mini split system is made up the evaporator, which is the indoor unit, and the condensing unit, which is the outdoor unit. The evaporator is connected to the condensing unit with copper tubing and electrical wiring. Basically, this is a small central air unit that’s flexible enough to cool one room or more.

Duct-less Unit’s are most likely the best choice for windowless rooms or thin walled homes. They are known for the reduction of energy costs and flexibility of design and placement. Similar to Split systems, Duct-less systems offer a great deal of control over your home. Linked to separate thermostats or controls, these systems give you the freedom to set temperatures from a room to room basis. Typically, ductless systems are considered costly but more energy efficient than other choices.

When it comes to installation these systems are much lower priced to install than others. The actual equipment is expensive but they aren’t relatively difficult to setup. This is because they only consist of two parts. The first being a condenser outside and secondly, one or more air handlers on the interior. Duct-less Wall Units are easy to maintain because they do not store dust, or dirt like central cooling systems.

Since there are no ducts the air is received indoors via air handlers. These systems are hugely popular throughout Northern New Jersey and Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey has more than enough experience to make your installation process a fast one.

You can always count on us for reliable and affordable air conditioning services. Our team are fully licensed, insured, bonded and experienced. We specialize in AC repair, replacement and installations.

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