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Furnace Repair Services in Clifton NJResidents of New Jersey know just how brutal wintertime can be. That’s why it’s important to have your heating system checked out during the autumn months just in case your furnace needs a repair or even a replacement. We service all types of gas furnaces and work with you to help cut down on your energy consumption costs. We repair, replace or install:

  • Single Stage Furnaces
  • Two-Stage or Dual-Stage Furnaces
  • Modulating Furnaces
  • Free Estimates on Furnace Replacement

The technicians at Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey are fully experienced when it comes to furnace repairs, replacements or installations. Were small enough to care about your business yet big enough to handle any size residential or commercial project you need completed at a moments notice. Did you know that having a brand new furnace could help you save over 36% in operating costs compared to that of a 26-year-old furnace? That’s right, it’s our goal to provide you with the best in customer care, efficiency and affordability. Winter is a very bad time to need emergency furnace repair. That’s why we encourage our customers to take preventative steps in maintaining their furnace to not only keep costs down but to avoid a costly breakdown.

Gas furnaces take in cold air, clean it with an air filter, heat I up with a gas burner, then distribute the warm air with a motor through a building’s ductwork. The heated air cools down your building’s various rooms, then returns back to the furnace.

The most common issues with furnaces are that they either leak or are not heating properly. These issues are easily diagnosed by our specialists, and are also measured in annual fuel utilization efficiency, similar to boilers. Often times, the pilot light goes out, the thermostat is not working, or the gas valve is closed. These all can be trouble-shooted efficiently by our specialists.

When it comes to Furnace heating systems there is a great deal of variety to be observed. The power of a furnace is rated by its AFUE rating (annual fuel utilization efficiency ratio). Today the standard for AFUE value is centered at 78 percent. However, as time goes on furnaces just like any other heating systems will malfunction, corrode, and decrease in value. This means that if you have been using the same furnace for over a decade there is a good chance you are either in need of a new furnace or some repairs. The changes brought on by an aging furnace can result in a wide range of malfunctions. Your house may not heat to its greatest potential as quickly as possible. This means you will need to run your heating unit for longer durations of time wasting energy and not receiving the highest possible return on your utilities bill.

It’s worth noting though that a furnace that is in decline can be bought some time with preventive maintenance and repairs. In terms of furnace installation there are a few questions that are worth asking. Is the temperature generally lower where you reside? Is the climate known to be higher in your region? Answering these questions properly can help you make a responsible decision on which type of furnace is appropriate for your home. The major pay off in regards to these decisions will be your energy bill, which can be cut tremendously if you take into account the climate.

At Atlantic Mechanical Contractors of North Jersey, our team of Heating Experts is ready to assist in your entire furnace based needs. These systems are used both residentially and commercially due to their ability to heat large spaces up with ease. Furnace systems however can be more complex than other heating systems and require a greater skill set to troubleshoot issues. It is for this reason that we highly suggest you employ our services for your furnace system.

Is your furnace deteriorating from a long lifespan? We know just the measures to take to make your furnace like brand new. Is your furnace becoming subject to physical damage including cracks, or breaks?

You can always count on us for reliable and affordable Heating services. Our team are fully licensed, insured, bonded and experienced. We specialize in Heating System repair, replacement and installations.

Furnace Services In Northern NJ

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