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Caldwell Residents


Caldwell New Jersey's Best HVAC Company


If you live in Caldwell, New Jersey, you know that it can get hot and humid. Combined, they are oppressive, especially in your bedroom and living room. Sleep and family time becomes unbearable. Thankfully, there is a solution. At Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC, we provide air conditioning installations and more. Let’s beat the summer heat!


Our HVAC technicians are experts in creating cold zones. They are well-trained, licensed, and certified. Our technicians go above and beyond when providing AC services. If your old AC breaks down, we replace it with a new AC installation. From AC repair to AC maintenance, we put you first. 


We’ve served the Caldwell area for more than twenty years. No air conditioning repair is too big or too small. Hands down, Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC, is the best air conditioner provider in Northern New Jersey.


Our mission is twofold. First, provide friendly and courteous customer service. Second, we offer prices that customers can afford. As the best HVAC company in Caldwell, we have a reputation to uphold. We believe in our mission that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 


We are locally owned and operated; this means we have a direct connection to the communities we serve. Our relationships are friendly, like a neighbor, you call us when you need a hand.


3 Critical Advantages of Central Air Conditioning


An air conditioner has the advantage of keeping you comfortable during a heatwave. However, there are other advantages worth mentioning. It gets humid in Caldwell. First, a central air conditioner regulates your home’s humidity level. 


Second, a central air conditioning installation creates a healthier home. Two reasons that coincide with making your home the ultimate place to be when it is too hot outside. You do not have to grin and bear the heat. Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC can save your summer!


Regulated Humidity Level


When it’s humid outside, it will be humid inside. High humidity occurs when there is water in the air. It would be ideal if you had an air conditioner or dehumidifier. However, a central air conditioner lowers humidity levels. 


The refrigerant that cools the air condenses water in the air too. The condensed water is drained out of the air conditioner. The result is less water in your home’s air. The central AC decreases the humidity levels without drying out the air.


A Healthier Home    


Modern AC filters clean the air, creating good air quality inside your home. The key is proper air circulation. While warm air full of pollutants circulates out, clean filtered air goes in. This works because of the enclosed space. The filter traps dust, allergens (such as pollen), and pet dander. Some newer air conditioners even filter microscopic pollutants. 


People with asthma and allergies will benefit from owning an air conditioner. Nothing beats the ability to breathe better on a humid, high pollen day. At Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC, we improve your quality of life through our AC services.


An Insect and Parasite Barrier


A home with central air is not a place insects and parasites want to live. For one, they need moisture to survive—insects like humid weather. As mentioned earlier, central air conditioners remove water from the air. 


Keep in mind that an efficient air conditioner installation requires good insulation. Therefore, there are few places insects can get into the home.  Leave the mosquitoes and other pesky insects to the outside world. Your home is your sanctuary.


Choose Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC to Install Your Central Air Conditioner!


There should be little doubt about the benefits of central air conditioning. But a central AC is only beneficial when it works. Our HVAC technicians are experts at central AC services. Besides preventative maintenance, our experts handle central air conditioning repairs. Our services come with a smile and dedication to providing better air quality. Period.


Our team roots for your well being, and when we can help, we will help. We are natural problem solvers. At Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC, we do not want you to waste your summer sweating your life away. We want you to live your best life in cold refreshing air!


Don’t go another minute without air conditioning. We work hard to keep our mission to you. 

Call us today and let us get you back to your happy place with clean, crisp air!