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Bloomfield Residents


Five Star AC Service in Bloomfield New Jersey

Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC has been serving Bloomfield since 1999. We have built a reputation as one of the best central air conditioning service companies. From new AC installations to AC maintenance, we take pride in our Bloomfield connections. After all, we are locally owned and operated. Our HVAC technicians live in the communities we serve. We maintain our local reputation due to our quality of work. Hence, our customer service speaks for itself. Don’t take our word for it. Check out our customer testimonials!

Simply put, our licensed and certified HVAC technicians treat you like family. We are bonded, which means we take the best care of your home while we are there. Our team uses drop cloths and shoe coverings to protect your belongings. We ensure that for every AC repair, you are 100% satisfied. Our reputation for exceptional quality and attentive customer service stands out. We know there are many HVAC & plumbing companies in Northern New Jersey. Thank you for choosing us.

Top-Rated Air Conditioning Service in Bloomfield, NJ

Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC hire trained HVAC technicians. Why? Because, for one, we uphold strict quality standards. We adhere to our 100% satisfaction guarantee in our air conditioning repair services. Our HVAC technicians are certified, licensed experts who are customer service focused. Secondly, from air conditioning replacements to AC repairs, we are honest about what you need. Our advice will save you money. Yet, another reason why our AC services are affordable. To avoid costly repairs, our technicians promote AC maintenance and seasonal checkups. Your comfort matters to us. Let us help you have the best summer yet. Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC is here for you.

Modern AC Technology at Competitive Pricing

Over the twenty-plus years we’ve been serving Bloomfield, cooling technology has improved. Twenty years ago, it was costly to run an air conditioner. Residents used to dread the summer months due to higher power bills. Today’s air conditioners are more efficient than even five years ago. Thanks to new multi-stage compressor technology and smart thermostats, we save on energy. Now, air conditioners are better for the environment. Not to mention, customers save unlike before. Both of these reasons make us happy that we can serve you better. 


Central AC Service and the Energy Star Rating

Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC follows current energy efficiency standards. For instance, we carry AC manufacturers with Energy Star ratings. What does that mean? Energy Star ratings are given by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A voluntary program, EPA approves environmentally friendly air conditioners. Did you know? Energy Star rated central air conditioning units use 8% less energy? A central AC requires a blower motor, which can replace your furnace, too. Hence, saving you more money in the long run. Thus, an EPA central AC keeps you comfortable; it is easy on your wallet and the planet. The air conditioning service technicians at Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC are knowledgeable about the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Most states now have a minimum of 13 or 14 SEER that must adhere to AC services. Many top-end air conditioning installations have a SEER of 20 or better. We care about the environment, your power bill, and keeping you refreshed during hazy days. Our team is dedicated to staying informed about AC units that consider all three. We never stop learning.

24/7 Emergency Central AC Service in Bloomfield

If your central air conditioning installation breaks down, don’t hesitate to call us. Atlantic Plumbing and HVAC have HVAC technicians on call 24/7 year-round. No central air conditioning repair is too small or too big. When a team member arrives at your home, they will assess the issue and present the best solution. A non-functioning central air conditioner causes a lot of headaches. Our honest and bonded HVAC technicians never try to upsell. Plus, we guarantee quality workmanship in the quickest possible time. If you need a new central air conditioning installation, we will find you the best deal. Remember, your comfort is our top priority. We offer special coupons and update them regularly to help you save even more.

If your current AC or central AC goes on the fritz, keep us top-of-mind. When you are ready to cool down your summer, give us a call. We make things happen!