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4 Tell-Tale Signs to Call Your Local AC Repair Service

Your home’s air conditioning unit is one of the more crucial appliances you have in your home—warm mornings and summer days can be unbearable without it. These usually have a service life of around 10 to 15 years, but proper care can push it to last for about 20 years.

Much like any appliance, your AC unit requires a lot of maintenance to ensure perfect working condition. These are quite complicated machinery, but a little knowledge of your home appliance can help you care for it properly. By taking note of its inner workings, you can easily spot some fundamental issues that may need repairing immediately. 

To help you in this regard, here are four tell-tale signs that you need to contact an air conditioning repair service near you.

Warm Air

If your air conditioning unit is blowing out warmer-than-usual air—or just warm air in general—then that’s an immediate sign of maintenance need. Multiple factors can contribute to this, which is why immediate maintenance is necessary for proper diagnosis.

Basic immediate concerns would be regarding the power supply and the air filter—any interruptions of these could cause the underperformance of your unit. Ice build-up, clogged drains, and low refrigerant levels are bigger concerns that require the expert hand of a professional repair service.

Strange odors or stink

When a weird stench emanates from your air conditioning unit, then it might point towards an immediate need for maintenance. There are various causes for weird odors, ranging from obvious harmless ones, such as nearby garbage or a dead animal, to more insidious problems, such as mold.

An easy way to diagnose the source of the issue is to take note of the particular scent you smell. Musty smells can point to a growth of mold—requiring the immediate need of an air conditioning cleaning service, else you might start suffering from health conditions. Meanwhile, a skunk-like stench may stem from a gas leak, whereas a gunpowder-like scent may mean a fried electrical component—both a sign of needing immediate repair from a professional.

Recurring Noises

When turning your unit on, you will, more often than not, hear a humming sound signaling that it’s working. Any other sound, however, could be a sign of internal issues.

Rattling and grinding sounds can be a sign of loose parts, which if left untouched can potentially break your unit altogether. As soon as you notice the sounds, contact a repair service immediately.

Excessive moisture or a leak

There’s bound to be moisture that builds up from the cold, but it starts becoming worrisome if it pools copious amounts of water. Larger build-ups of moisture—more so if it’s an evident leak—are a sign of a compromised drain tube or a refrigerant leak. While this may just seem like simple drops, in the beginning, it could grow into a problem that would eventually cause underperformance or even water damage.


Undergoing regular maintenance with your air conditioning unit is the best way to avoid the need for repairs. By taking note of these tell-tale signs, you can stay ahead of bigger issues with a simple call of an air conditioning repair service.

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