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Sewer Cleaning 101: The Problem of Drain Blockages

The sewer and drainage system of your home is one of the more crucial components to watch out for. Despite its important function of transporting waste out of your home, many tend to neglect and disregard it. The added trouble of sewer pipes is that it’s not easily visible, which is why minor issues tend to be left unseen, up until it balloons to a bigger problem.

Regardless of the immediate issue of it being out of sight, taking note of some of the more basic functions of your home can help you diagnose an issue with your plumbing system. By keeping track of these, you can have an emergency plumber take a look immediately before it becomes a large damage to your residence.

Signs of Blockage

Blockages are some of the most immediate and recurring issues that happen with sewer drain pipes. While initially, it would just mean slowing down the expulsion of water, if left untouched, it can cause entire sections to burst. The easiest way to clear these is through sewer cleaning processes by professionals.

To help you avoid such issues, here are two easy-to-spot signs that you might have a blockage in your drain or sewer system.

Main Line Clean Out

Many plumbing set-ups have a main line clean out spot to check for any sewer issues. A simple check to this can point to some fundamental problems with your sewer system. If your water spurts out upon opening the clean out or there’s stagnant water, then it can be the result of a blockage in your system.

Multiple Clogs

While it might be commonplace to have one plumbing system clog up, having two or more clog at the same time could be a tell-tale sign of an issue. Multiple clogs simultaneously happening are a sign of a sewer blockage, so contact an emergency plumber immediately to have it repaired.

Common Reasons for a Blockage

While incredibly problematic, there are some common reasons that your sewer would create a blockage. Taking note of these can actually help diagnose the issue, allowing it to be repaired more thoroughly to prevent further damage from happening.


As your house gets older, the surrounding nature starts reclaiming its territory if left unchecked. Any nearby trees to your sewer system can actually disrupt it, as the roots can dig and possibly break the sewer line. If this happens, then the sewage can backflow into your house and cause water damage.


At some point, the soil surrounding your pipes can loosen and break, causing your pipes to sag. While not immediately a problem, this can pool sewage and waste at the sagging area, causing it to fill up and cause a blockage.


While grease is something that is usually flushed down the drain immediately, these can harm your drainage system immensely. Its fatty nature can solidify in cold weather, thus compiling and causing blockages as time passes by.


Your sewers may not be at the forefront of your mind at all times, but putting some attention to maintaining it is your best option to preserve your home. By having a sewer cleaning procedure done regularly, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to face the risks of a blockage anytime soon.

Are you looking for a sewer cleaning service in Fairfield, NJ, to handle your residence’s drainage system? Get in touch with us today and have one of our licensed professionals handle the maintenance of your home.