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3 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning system plays a pivotal role in keeping the interior property comfortable – be it residential or commercial – under any circumstances or weather conditions. When the AC unit is running effectively, it can provide the necessary heat during winter months or cool the room when it gets hot during summer.

While it’s normal for AC units to break down every now and then, there are warning signs that prove it’s time to replace your air condition. While it’s easy to think that opting for repairs can be cheaper, squeezing every bit of life left from the unit will only lead to costly consequences later on.

With that in mind, the list below explores the common red flags that you need to swap your old air conditioner for a brand new unit:

Sign #1: Replace Your Old Air Conditioner if its Extremely Old

The best air conditioners are built to last for a whopping span of 10 to 15 years. Frequent maintenance can extend its life by a few more years and ensure it runs on mint condition throughout its cycle, but even the most cared for and highest quality AC unit will wear down eventually.

While old age doesn’t necessarily mean you should immediately buy a new AC unit, its years of constant wear-and-tear, especially when it runs around-the-clock during extreme seasons, will only compromise its efficiency.

When left unchecked, this will lead to frequent repairs and a spike in your utility bills, both of which can add more to your costs compared to replacing the air conditioner altogether.

Sign #2: Rising Energy Bills? Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

Speaking of a jump in utility bills, the inefficiencies of your worn-down AC unit will only impact your pocketbook more than anything. The worst part is that rising energy bills can hurt your wallet for months, especially if you fail to make the connection early on.

Not to mention, older units are built with outdated technology. By swapping to a new unit, you can make the most of a model that has the power to produce heat and cold air without overworking itself.

By using less energy, high-performing air conditioners can cut back your utility costs by up to a whopping 20 percent to 50 percent per year.

Sign #3: Frequent Repairs

It’s not the end of the world if your AC unit stops cooling or heating your home as it can easily be resolved by putting a professional HVAC repair company on speed dial. However, if you deal with frequent repairs more than three times a year, then it’s best to save yourself the time, money, and trouble by purchasing a new unit.

The Bottom Line: Keeping it Hot and Cold Effectively with a High-Performing Air Conditioner

Many homeowners think that a fault air conditioner is best solved by calling a repairman, but there are some signs that say it’s better to replace the unit entirely. By knowing these warning signs, you can save time and money on fixing something beyond repair.

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