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residential ac installerIf you have an older air conditioning unit, it may not be as efficient as the newer ones. In the last decade air conditioning efficiency has significantly improved, which means if you invest in a new air conditioning unit, you can enjoy as much as 20% savings on your operating costs. This is largely due to advances in technology. Savings on energy costs as well as cooler operating temperatures aren’t something you can experience unless a new AC installation is something you’re interested in obtaining.

The average life of a residential home’s cooling system is around 10 to 15 years. If you need a full cooling system installation Atlantic HVAC & Plumbing would be happy to provide you with a quote. Remember, getting a new unit installed along with having the proper maintenance performed on a seasonal basis will ensure that you aren’t wasting money on countless repairs due to a failing piece of equipment. This is why AC installations are one of our most popular specialties throughout Northern NJ.

commercial ac installationAtlantic HVAC & Plumbing has a lifetime of experience in handling the installations of practically every type of modern residential or commercial Air Conditioning system. If you are dealing with a central air conditioning system and are experiencing a reduction in air quality the answer is quite simple. If you are experiencing trouble with a split or mini-split system we can locate the problem and correct it with ease. The list of scenarios goes on and on. In many cases, we’re able to fix the issue without you or your business having to lay out the cost for a new installation. However, at some point you have to do the math. There will come a time where the money being spent on repairs as well as the time far exceeds the cost of an installation or replacement unit.

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